Deja Vu Spa logo design

The client wanted a logotype with a mark that would be elegant and organic looking. I chose a font that was graceful and sophisticated, and also had a curvaceous feel that mimicked the curved lines in the heart. The heart is a symbol of affection and care, quite appropriate for a body and health spa. The shape of the heart is made organic by the stylized foliage. The spa itself displays vintage inspired wallpaper and this heart has the same damask look. The colours of the type are muted and calming, whereas the heart gives a pop of colour, a deep burgundy, which is a historically appropriate colour to the Victorian building the spa is housed in and also complimentary to the greens used in the logotype.

The friends of Fort Malden logo design

The Friends of Fort Malden, a non-profit group, hired me to create a logo mark for their organization. It had to be friendly and inviting, since their volunteers work with children much of the time, but it also had to pay homage to the military history of the Fort. The clients specified that they wanted a soldier, and he had to be in a military uniform appropriate for 1812.

Kingsville Chiropractic Clinic logo design

Kingsville Chiropractic Clinic wanted a logo with mark that was professional and classic in feel while also demonstrating its natural approach to health. The client also indicated that he didn’t want it to be excessively serious, as he has a friendly personal relationship with his patients, and yet not too quirky since he is held in a position of authority. During my research I came across a quote: “As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.” The chiropractor later told me that this was a quote most chiropractors are familiar with. This quote became the inspiration for me to create a graphic that used a tree trunk to depict a spine. Above is a singular leaf. The tree speaks to a holistic approach to health, while the leaf above the text indicates protection. The text is done in a modern sans-serif humanist font. The script font at the bottom gives the logo a more casual feel and the grass line has a grounding effect while bringing everything together.

Wicker Park Chocolates logotype

Wicker Park Chocolates wanted a logotype that conveyed a friendly, accessible, and unique feel, while also retaining some sophistication. During the client interview, she described her chocolates as delicious and inexpensive. The ingredients are very accessible: milk and dark chocolate, caramel, fruit creams. Nothing too exotic or intimidating. She also indicated that her shop was casual, fun, and distinctive. For the logotype I chose a font that has loads of personality and is the perfect balance between whimsy and sophistication. This logotype is not overly elegant and therefore doesn’t convey an expensive feel. It is unique and yet approachable.

Magpie Books logo design

Magpie Books is a children’s books imprint. Since I am the publisher I know who my market is and as a designer I know what works graphically. For the logo I wanted something that would appeal to children while not looking overly childish. As an imprint of Palimpsest, the logo had to express design excellence since Palimpsest takes that as part of its mandate. In the logo the Magpie is seen flying, as part of the marketing strategy uses the tag line “Let imagine take flight.” The Magpie is known for its beautiful blue and white wings and so these characteristic colours have been added. The tail end of the bird has been rounded so the logo will easily fit on the spine of a book without distortion.

Magpie Books logotype

For the logotype I used a kid-friendly font that had enough weight that it looks good while tucked beside the wing. There is a lot of versatility in how this mark and type can be used, either singularly or together.