Canadian Ginger (Oolichan Books, forthcoming)

“Curious” The Windsor Review (forthcoming)

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     Muse (Tightrope Books 2013)
     Detours: An Antholgy of Poets from Windsor & Essex County (Palimpsest Press, 2013)
                 Editors: Susan Holbrook and Dawn Marie Kresan


     Framed, Palimpsest (Palimpsest Press, 2009)

Select Journal / Anthology Publications

    “My Introduction to Poetry” The Antigonish Review Vol.45.180 (2015)

     "Symbiosis" in The Windsor Review Vol.46.2 (2013) 

     "Boblo" in Sour Whisky Town (Black Moss Press, 2013)   

     "The Birds" in Queen's Quarterly  Vol.120.3 (2013)  

     "Misalignment" in Carousel (2012)

     "Dream: Bifurcation" and "Beastly" in The Antigonish Review (2012)

     “Elizabeth Looking at a Portrait of Her Husband’s Lover” and “Fanny Cornforth: A Bacchante” in Event Vol.34.3 (2005)

     “Elizabeth Siddal and Marilyn Monroe in Conversation”, “Elizabeth and Dorothy in Mrs. Beeton’s Cooking Class” and “Domestic Goddesses in the Kitchen” in The Windsor Review Vol.38.2 (2005)

     “Food for Thought” in The Antigonish Review Vol.141/142 (2005)

     “Interiors”, “Confinement” and “Still-Birth” in CV2 Vol.26.4 (2004)        

      “If I Could Reverse Time”, “Cooking with Corningware”, “Unruly Like Violets” and “Ripened Raspberries” in Leaving Footsteps (Black Moss, 2004)

     “Under the Disco Lights” in Urban Graffiti X (2003)

     “Always the Beast” in Surface & Symbol (2003)

     “Fallen Body” in Body Talk: A Head-to-Toe Anthology (Black Moss, 2003)

     “Cracking Bones” in Lichen Vol.4.1(2002)

     “Amelia Earhart” in The Windsor Review Vol.35.2 (2002)

     “Unruly like Violets” in Prairie Journal Vol.38 (2002)

     “Elegy for my Grandfather” in Vallum: Contemporary Poetry Vol.1.1 (2001)

     “Ripened Raspberries” in The Dalhousie Review Vol.79 (1999)